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Country Music (We Like It Like It Was).

This is a site where Independant Musicians who have recorded

*** original material or properly licensed cover songs ***

can list, listen and sell thier country music, the way it used to be. An example of what we are talking about can be found in Paul Gary's debut album,


There are a lot of folks out there who don't agree with the current trends in country music.  Well, I agree with them.  Of course, I know that time and things change, but that doesn't demand that you or I appreciate it.

There are a group of artists out there that are taking thier talent and thier own money and going back to the grass roots of country sounds.  Is this a harbinger of things to come in a new country revolution whose main statement is

"We like it like it was"

Well, I don't pretend to know if this new, old style will take root and hold on, but I do know that there is a large following of country music fans that feel exactly the same as we do.